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S Family Maternity Session | Columbus Ohio Maternity Photographer

Columbus, Ohio Maternity Photographer

Can we just take a minute and talk about this gorgeous light? Sometimes the weather gods cooperate for use during a session and the light is just magical. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does I just want to eat up all this warm yummy light. Helping document these two while they waited for the arrival of their son was tons of fun (you can check out his newborn session –> here). I scored this super amazing location from a friend’s family. She is graciously allowing me to shot on their property once in a while when I want this kind of look. When the property owner said they have an old truck we could use for the session and if I’d be interested, I responded with a ‘HECK YES!!!’ This session turned out even more amazing than I thought it would. I think you’ll enjoy it too!

Leah Harms Photography specializes in newborn, baby, child, family, and maternity photography in Columbus and surrounding areas including but not limited to Worthington, Westerville, Dublin and Lewis Center.

Fall Mini Session 1 |Columbus Ohio Family Photographer

Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer

My first round of fall mini sessions were a huge hit. We did them at Lynd Fruit Farm at one of their apple orchards. It’s one of my most favorite photo shoot locations. Plus Lynd’s is super awesome about allowing photographers to shoot on their property. I always buy a big bag of apples every time I got there too. Plus they have a huge marketplace that sells a ton of fruits, veggies and local products (I love me some local honey!!!) My tow boys love love love apples so going to Lynds 3(!!!) times this season kept up stocked up on their delicious apples.

There were SO many favorites from these family sessions. I had a hard time picking:)You’ll also see my brother, sister-in-law and adorable niece at the very bottom of this post too. So come take a peek!

Leah Harms Photography specializes in newborn, baby, child and family photography in Columbus and surrounding areas including but not limited to Worthington, Westerville, Dublin and Lewis Center.

Rachel Vanoven eWorkshop Review * spoiler alert! I love it!

Howdy there folks! As many of you know I’m a newborn and family photographer here in Columbus, Ohio. I started my newborn photography journey as many do… totally clueless. I assisted a local photographer (Lindsey Scholz by the way) with a newborn session and KNEW I needed to learn more and that this was something that I wanted to do more of. I scoured YouTube for as much info on newborns as I could but felt so overwhelmed. I continued on my journey practicing on friend’s newborns, then had a few paid sessions. I then decided that I needed to take it to the next level (like the level that is actually producing good work) and bought Rachel Vanoven’s newborn eWorkshop. I didn’t have it in my budget to do an in-person workshop so this was surely the next best thing. Boy was I right! Rachel shared SO much amazing and helpful information in her first guide which helped show me what to do. Then when her newest version of her eWorkshop came out, I was BLOWN away!! You guys, she shares literally all the best tips, tricks and general instruction on how to successfully shoot newborns. Not only is it a written guide, but there are tons of videos too!! The videos are detailed and insanely helpful. Having the ability to look over the information again and again is a huge plus. Even after I felt more established I still look back at the videos as a refresher and catch new tips and tricks. Rachel shows you general posing, lighting, tips, tricks, safety…  the whole shebang.

Rachel’s eWorkshops also get you into her elite Facebook group for CONTINUED learning!! You read that right. Continued. You have a question? Ask away in the Facebook group and either Rachel or a whole host of other photographer in the group happily will answer it for you. You get access to hundreds of other newborn photographers of varying levels of experience that are willing to give advice, help or CC on your images. It’s one of my favorite groups to be a part of.

So, enough of just hearing about it. Here’s some real life examples of how Rachel’s eWorkshop has changed my photography business. Here is my work when I first started out with newborns almost 4 years ago…

And here’s my recent work…

Guys do you know how hard this ^^^ pose is if you don’t know what you’re doing? Well it is, and Rachel shows you how to do it in her eWorkshop.

This ^^^ is one of my favorite poses that I learned from Rachel’s eWorkshop. She shows you how to get it seamlessly in one of her workflow videos.

I NEVER knew how to do prop poses properly until I watched Rachel do it in her videos in her eWorkshop.

So many people think the froggy pose is the hardest pose (and don’t get me wrong it is for sure a tricky one) but the tooshie up pose has been by far the hardest pose for me to perfect. Rachel show’s you how she get’s this pose in one of her eWorkshop videos.

Now can we talk sibling poses? They are also another super challenging part of newborn sessions. They are typically the top priority of most moms that have more than one kiddo. Rachel shows you how to pose siblings in her videos and how she talks to the siblings. I tell ya, she’s a genius baby/toddler/sibling whisperer. Even the youngest of toddlers are buddy in her hands. Here’s a BG (before guide) and AG (after guide) sibling shot of mine. Also note the ‘goul lighting’ on the before picture on the left. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. So unflattering and I had zero clue I was doing it until the eWorkshop. Rachel tells you all about directional lighting in her eWorkshop and how to get it.

I have to throw in this shot (below) as well because it’s of my own two boys and their baby cousin. This pose? Adorable because they are of the three cutest kids in the whole wide world, duh 😉 Plus on top of that it’s one I learned from Rachel’s eWorkshop

Now, let’s talk parent shots. This one was a big one for me. I used to hate them as I didn’t have any idea how to get the ‘look’ I was wanting. Rachel’s eWorkshop videos shows you all the secret tricks to positioning parents to get the most flattering shot. Here’s some examples of my parent shots that I learned from Rachel.

So I leave you with some more before and afters just to show you how truly amazing Rachel’s information is. While I cringe at my before pictures, I also rejoice in the growth I’ve made in my business.

PS… I also have Rachel Vanoven’s Family eWorkshop too! Everything awesome about her newborn eWorkshop but for families! Sweeeeet! The video’s are really what is best (and again that Facebook group for continued learning and support). To be able to SEE what Rachel is doing during her sessions is key to learning all those awesome tips and tricks. Want to see some what my family sessions look like these days utilizing many of the tips and tricks I learned from Rachel’s Family eWorkshop? Well, here ya go!

Now here’s what’s the best news. Rachel is having her BIG Black Friday sale next week! For 15 minutes, everything will be 50% off, then 25% the rest of the weekend. What?? Now there’s really no reason not to go get her eWorkshops.

Here’s a diret link to purchase the Rachel Vanoven eWorkshops:

Newborn eWorkshop  http://www.rachelvanoven.com/shop/newborn-eworkshop/

Family eWorkshop  http://www.rachelvanoven.com/shop/family-eworkshop/

M Family Newborn Session |Westerville Ohio Newborn Photographer

Westerville Ohio Newborn Photographer

Ahh, Piper’s newborn session. She is just a bundle of cuteness, and I just can’t contain it. Mom brought along a few of her own baby blankets’s that her grandmother (right?) made for her. How fun it is to continue on this tradition of passing down meaningful baby items. I just love it.

I love being able to shoot in my home studio space here in Westerville. It all started with my OWN newborn’s session here 3 years ago! I used to travel to clients homes, but having my own space is so much easier. I have all my stuff here, my barn wood backdrop all set up, plus I can control my lighting. I’ll have a blog post coming up with a tour of my space. I love love love it.

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Leah Harms Photography specializes in newborn, baby, child and family photography in Columbus and surrounding areas including but not limited to Worthington, Westerville, Dublin and Lewis Center.

P Family Session | Columbus Ohio Family Photographer

Columbus Ohio Family Photographer

I met with this super sweet family at Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley, Ohio for their family/maternity session. 1 year old Andrew had his own agenda on what we were going to do for their session that day. Toddlers are SO busy and it’s always best to just roll with what they want. I want my family sessions to be FUN! Not torture. So this session was just that. Fun for Andrew.

Stay tuned for baby Donovan’s newborn sessions coming to the blog soon!

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Leah Harms Photography specializes in newborn, baby, child and family photography in Columbus and surrounding areas including but not limited to Worthington, Westerville, Dublin and Lewis Center.